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Matthew Exton is a nationally recognized trial attorney. He is highly respected and well known as a courtroom advocate and an involved leader in the Northwest Ohio community. He is committed to providing personal attention and professional services to every client. Instead of focusing on case volume, Exton focuses on case selection and achieving the most successful outcome possible for clients and their family. Attorney Exton takes his role as counselor seriously. This commitment distinguishes him from other “money driven” litigation practices.

An Exceptional Trial Lawyer and native of Toledo, Exton brings considerable knowledge and experience to his legal practice. He has experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation cases involving all types of Family Law, Criminal Defense, and Probate/Estate Law; this unique advantage gives him a powerful understanding in all aspects of a case. Exton represents clients across the United States and around the world. The expansive geographic reach of Attorney Exton’s contacts gives our clients a global reach. This allows Attorney Exton to address your legal needs almost anywhere worldwide.

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A divorce proceeding is a lawsuit filed by one spouse against another to terminate the marriage relationship. The court often will grant a divorce on the least offensive grounds and move directly into equitably dividing the marital estate, allocating parental rights and
[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]The court often will grant a divorce on the least offensive grounds and move directly into equitably dividing the marital estate, allocating parental rights and responsibilities of any minor children, and addressing child and spousal support. Litigating a divorce may take up to a year or longer depending on the circumstances. Normally, the court issues an order for the litigants to maintain the status quo while the case pends. The court may issue temporary orders to address temporary payment of expenses, allocation of parental rights, and support while the divorce is in litigation. Divorce is the only option to terminate the marriage relationship when both spouses cannot fully agree on settlement or when spouses refuse to fully disclose information pertaining to finances and property to the other spouse.[/expander_maker]


Dissolution is a method to terminate the marriage relationship between spouses who have disclosed all property and financial information to the other in addition to having an a full settlement. Spouses must agree on all property division, allocation of
[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] parental rights and responsibilities, and support obligations before pleadings are filed in court. Negotiation takes place before entering into court, often with the assistance of attorneys. The attorney prepares a separation agreement that reduces to writing the settlement. The separation agreement is filed with the court after it is property executed by all parties and their attorneys. The court conducts a brief hearing to approve the settlement agreement and dissolve the marriage relationship between thirty to ninety days after the dissolution is filed in court.

Legal Seperation

Legal separation is a process where spouses agree to divide their property, allocate parental rights and responsibilities, and address support so that they may live separate and apart from each other without interreference from the other spouse. The marriage relationship is not terminated in a legal separation.
[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]Spouses often choose to pursue a legal separation instead of a dissolution for insurance or religious reasons. The process of obtaining a legal separation may be similar to a dissolution. The main difference is that the parties are still married. It is important to consult with both an attorney and insurance providers regarding the ramifications of a legal separation before pursuing the same to ensure the protection of the spouse’s legal and interests.[/expander_maker]

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Matthew Exton is passionate about the practice of law and attends to every client and each case sincerely. Whether you’re a professional, a family, a parent, a couple or an individual, Matthew Exton will address your case with you from the moment the first meeting takes place through the resolution of the legal issue you have.

If you’re facing a legal problem and have to fight for yourself, consult with Matthew Exton for legal direction. The key to any legal case is timing and the lawyer you choose to represent you. It’s imperative that you contact Matthew Exton. Don’t wait for the situation to go from bad to worse, hoping it will work itself out. By working with Matthew Exton, you have an experienced attorney who won’t back down from a fight. Matthew Exton will provide the representation and the action you need.

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